Birth Story For Logan-very long

Logan's Birth (I'm going to try to be very detailed) -Back story through pregnancy I had gestational diabetes and I set up a c section on January 25th instead of an induction. Which I would have had to have due to medication I was on for diabetes. 
I had a scheduled c section on Monday January 25th. I went in for my pre op on January 22nd. During the pre op my blood pressure was high. I didn't have high blood pressure at all previously. They sent me to labor and delivery to moniter me. The machine read I was having steady contractions which I had no idea about. I felt pain but I thought it was just the baby pushing against me. I expected period pain /cramping and it was just different. Anyway they rushed me to c section because my BP was steady high and I was having contractions. 
C section- the spinal needle didn't even bother me. But the worst absolute worst part was the epi rural. I had an anxiety attack and felt like I couldn't breath. I felt like I needed to move my legs but couldn't. I begged to be put to sleep but they didn't. I kept telling my hubby I don't like this over and over lol. But it was only 10-20 minutes and the best thing in my life was out. I could hardly see him even when they brought him close but I heard him cry loud which was such release. They gave me something to calm me down and eventually once I was out of there I was fine. 
After Birth- Logan was 9lbs 14oz-21 long. Recovery from c section not as bad as I thought I did move around a heck of a lot. Unfortunately Logan had some issues from my Gestational diabetes. Sugars too low, rapid breathing and a slightly enlarged heart. He ended up in the NICU for a week basically just observation and it was so scary (understatement)  but he is home now and thriving just doing great. He's wide awake right now lol. 
* would love to answer any questions. I had so many before birth.