Inducing tomorrow- cord is around his neck

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Today was my 40+ check, Thor measured 37 weeks and my measurements were smaller than the week before. My dr was concerned that I was low on fluids. Turns out that The fluids are fine but he's measuring small and the cord is around his neck. Since we're past the due date the went ahead and admitted me. I dialAted a whopping 1 cm! Lol the first drug was administered and kiddo is responding well, and I've been told contractions have started. (I can't feel them- PLEASE GOD LET IT REMAIN LIKE THIS!) If all goes well Thor will have a real name tomorrow and ill get to met him! 
I was not prepared. Bags not packed, dogs needed to be taken to the doggy day care. We will have 2 cars at the hospital and the list goes on. Ladies, if you're over 40 weeks, don't be like me!!! Actually prepare. ;). 
Here goes!