Ovulation spotting AND implantation bleeding?

It is my understanding that ovulation spotting and implantation spotting are pretty rare... I just need some advice.
My cycles have been irregular for a couple months due to the cassava supplement, I have little to no idea when I've been ovulating-or when to expect my period. On cycle day 26 I had some Pink EWCM which I thought might have been implantation but every test since then has been negative (besides some blue dye flukes- incase you read my other post). So now, I think it might have been ovulation spotting? Fast forward to today CD 33 which would be 7dpo if I did in fact, ovulate on CD 26... I had some very light cramping & a small spot of brown blood this morning, I've had nothing else all day (cramps & spotting gone). Could this have been implantation spotting 7 days after the ovulation spotting, or am I getting my hopes up? I've tested everyday, BFN's & AF is a no show, so far. Is it time to see a doctor? Anyone else had this weird spotting and ended up with a BFP? Any advice appreciated! Thanks!