What's going on here?!

I was supposed to start my period Monday, so I'm obviously almost 5 days late. I got off my birthcontrol late January ish and since getting off my periods have been normal. 
I've taken numerous tests and each one has said negative, so I was going to wait again before testing... I'm sick of the negatives 😞
The issue is, I was EXTREMELY stressed in the beginning of this cycle, so much to the point where I just gave up on charting/checking my temperature for about a week. 
I felt like I was ovulating, so I took a test and it looked positive to me, this was Februaury 9th, so I started charting again the next day. 
If I did ovulate, I believe I ovulated much later than normal from stress. 
I know your body can be very out of wack after birthcontrol, I just don't understand why I haven't started and I know it didn't help to just stop charting.