Aunt flow, is it you? (Tmi descriptions)

It's the first year of my period, so it's still irregular. I've had it for 5 months now, almost 6. 
Okay, so I've been having a lot of discharge, so much it feels like a small period gush and I panic at school because I think it started. It's like either watery and clear or almost like egg white cm but a bit less stretchy.
I've had light cramping, a super sore and painful lower back, I had spotting a ton like 2 weeks ago. I've had a lot of cravings as well, things like chips and pop tarts. Actually, currently my back reaaally hurts. Not like doubled up on the floor crying, but it's really uncomfortable. I had some mediumish leg cramps yesterday. Is my period coming soon? I'm trying to recognize my symptoms so I know when to start. I usually get pretty bad pack pain on and before my period from what I've remembered. Also my boobs are sore. 
Is this my period coming? 
Also quick question, did your symptoms get worse as you grew older? Thanks!