Husbands work being a-holes

So my husband is a football coach, but at the middle school (junior high) level. He told his high school coaches he was planning on taking FMLA when our twins were born. Well apparently one of them didn't like that, we live in Texas where they do spring football stuff, and complained to the top guyin his district. The top guy accidentally sent my husband a message intended for the high school coach pretty much bashing him for even wanting to take leave in the first place. I'm so mad right now and so is he. Why is it not ok for him to want to be a part of his newborns first few weeks of life? And to be able to be there for me? I mean, if I have a c-section, I'm going to need help for sure. Good ole boys really piss me off sometimes. Makes me feel bad for their wives. Like when they had kids, did they just go visit at the hospital then go back to work? Assholes!