Leaking fluid

I woke up today and went about my
Normal morning routine. I sat down on the couch and then got up only to be surprised by my wet pajama pants. I called L&D and they had me come in. Had a normal NST and was tested for infection, negative results and also tested for the presence of amniotic fluid which was also
Negative. The nurse told me on the phone to wear a pad to the hospital and they could also examine any fluid collected there. The pad was wet the touch with a small amount of fluid. They said I am
Not dilated at all and that this leaking was discharge. It's still coming out now on panty liners. It's very thin discharge, resembles thick water with no smell. I am fine with not leaking fluids as I'm only 36 weeks but I'm
Nervous that I won't be able to tell the difference if I'm leaking fluid or discharge. (Unless accompanied by contractions or a big gush) My babies head is engaged so that's what made me wonder if I was going into labor. Pregnancy  is so tricky from start to finish! You would think we would shoot sparkles out before labor starts, I mean anything to curb the guessing game!!! 👿