Baby scare. Part 2/2

Claire • Proud mummy to baby Girl ❤️
Then last night- my hubby was in bed after work. My mum was changing babies nappy and noticed she had held her breath and was coughing and crying  and was uncomfortable .. She carried her in to me calmly not to worry me but I wasn't happy with how she looked and shouted for my husband. She was still crying and coughing and sort of red and panicy all this time which seemed like forever. My husband came down and she continued to look as though she was choking. I wiped her mouth and clear mucus seemed to come out of her mouth. She hadn't fed in three hours or been sick so we had no idea what was happening and again phoned an ambulance .. The ambulance came after about ten mins by which time she was calmer and had stopped coughing .. They did lots of checks on her and said everything was fine but advised we go to the hospital to be seen by a doctor which of course we did - again everything fine. They said its common for babies to get mucus in their air ways and will cough and clear it themselves and just to remain calm of it happened again .. I'm off work staying at home with baby. But I'm terrified to be on my own with her since. Even checking that she's breathing when she's asleep .. I'm just worried sick and have been crying all morning. She's breasyfeeding regually so I don't find I get any sleep .. Or her! Unless I let her feed and fall asleep with me on the couch but I'm so scared of hurting her now even though we have done this really nicely for the last five nights or so.. Please can anyone offer me some reassurance. Or tell me of times when their baby has done this and been perfectly fine ... Thank you so much in advance. Xx