Told it was a girl but still on denial! ?!

So after giving birth to 4 wonderful boys we are finally having a little girl (according to early gene ultrasound ) pregnancy totally different from my previous. I keep comparing "her" ultrasound picture to others just to find some boys that kinda look like girls to me and girls that look like boys but again I'm noooo expert!! Can sleep at night with repeated dreams that when my bby is born I'm told it's a handsome little MAN!!! Or me questioning over and over again the gender of the baby! Driving myself KRAYKRAY ! Already have a whole bunch of baby cloths and vedding sets and bow ext.... Now totally avoiding the vaby section because im scared shell turn out to be a boy lol Can a mother get some opinions here and is anyone else going through the same thing?? Ultrasound was done at 14 weeks and 5 days