To all the stressed out husbands & wives...

👪 5/6/2016🚜👣

I see quite often on this app, both men and women who are contemplating divorce since becoming pregnant. I thought I'd share my view in hopes that it may help someone's relationship.

Marriage is never tough, likewise neither is pregnancy. In a marriage, when you feel ready to give up, ask yourself this question: "can I honestly say I have EARNED my way out of this marriage"? I always tell people they have to earn their way out and by that I mean, you have done literally everything in your power to save it. You must be a TEAM. When you are no longer a team, things begin to fall apart & that's when you need to begin counciling or anything else before its too late.

Imagine a farmer who needs to till his fields & all he has is a team of two horses. (Imagine the farmer being your marriage, tilling the fields being caring for your child & the horses are you and your partner). If those 2 horses are working together, the job gets done easily, everyone goes home happy at the end of the day & ready to do it again the next day. But if those 2 horses are constantly pulling in opposite directions & not working together, the farmer must let unhook one horse to get the job done. The one left to do the job now has to do the job of BOTH horses. At the end of the day, the working horse goes home totally exhausted, becomes resentful of the one who didn't have to do the work. The next day, the farmer uses the other horse, he also becomes resentful because he had to do double duty for the day. He goes home exhausted & begins resenting the other horse. Sure the job gets done, but not nearly as efficiently as if the 2 horses had just worked together as a TEAM in the beginning