My dad's comment on my daughter name!

Katie • Anya Rose Nishioka 6/8/2016❤️🌸 Young mommy (20 years old)👶🏻 instagram is
My boyfriend and I are without a doubt naming our little girl Anya Rose Nishioka. We think Anya is a very beautiful name that we haven't heard much! But my dad's first reaction was "Oh it sounds like 'on ya' and when she's older people will make sexual jokes about how 'Anya will get on ya dick'." (My dad can be fairly crude... Typical Scotsman.) My sister randomly texted me saying essentially the same thing a few days later! ANYWAYS, what do you guys think? I think my dad's comment is kinda funny but I don't think of that when I see her name. I just think it's so pretty!