We had our 9 week checkup yesterday and I left feeling a little unsure. I very much feel pregnant. The doctor said things are going well. However, she couldn't get the heartbeat on the Doppler and when she tried the portable ultrasound she could barely see anything. She said there was a flicker and something moving around and I shouldn't worry. I can't help but worry after a miscarriage in October. She said it is common to not get a read on the Doppler until 12 weeks and that my bladder is larger than normal, was very full, and I have a backwards and still very tilted uterus. We had to have a transvaginal ultrasound last time and we saw our beautiful baby with a good strong heart beat. The three week wait until my next scan is going to feel like forever. Fingers crossed! Here's hoping that  I'm just being paranoid and our baby is still perfect.