I am currently miscarrying with the aid of the pill, which I took the first dose orally at 3:00AM. I keep passing clots and looking for my sweet angel. Don't think I'm crazy but if I see him/her I want to burry him/her. I was 10w, not sure when the heartbeat stopped. I'm not sure of a single word my doctor said after saying "I'm so sorry there's no heartbeat." After trying the doppler, external and transvaginal ultrasound. I am devastated. My husband is absolutely no support so I am going through this all alone. I just wish he would quit saying it's my fault and making me feel even worse. With time all things will heal but I will never forget this sweet soul that came into my life and blessed me with joy and hope. Though he/she was too beautiful to be born to earth he/she sits on the Lord's lap today and gives me strength. Right now all I can do is look to my sweet son (4months old) and love him and focus all my energy towards him. May God be with us all during this time of hardship because he is all I have to look to right now. Please send up a prayer for me today..