Styles and body sizes

So i was wondering whats something you thicker or bigger women wear to feel good . I hate my legs my stomach my arms blah blah blah . I'm very insecure . I have acne , my hair isn't nice unless i straighten it , and i have no style. I'm thicker so its hard to even want to look for clothes knowing im going to not look how other girls look in them . I like stuff like this but , on me i dont think it would look good . I'm pale , 18 , im 5'9 , i wear sweatpants & sweatshirts & tanktops all the time . I am also pregnant but when my SO wants to go out i just look like a bum , and i feel so shitty because i have gained a lot of weight since he first met me , i have so much acne and i just want him to look at me and say wow . Ya know ? any style hacks or tricks or outfits that you know of that look good on thicker women . (i dont do dresses or skirts)