I can't stop....

With all the vitamins, teas, etc. We've been trying and trying and trying and each month I end up crying and crying because I know days before my period starts that I'm not pregnant. Today's the day. 😠😠.. I am so angry at this process. It makes me so angry that I have to go through this. And I keep hearing of people becoming pregnant and I'm like ugh, I've been trying so long and it never happens. I swear if I'm not pregnant by the next couple months.....

I'm not going to do anything, just keep trying I guess.. but still!!. The suck part is staying hopeful and you don't even know what you're hopeful for anymore because it never happens. Like am I hopeful for ten years from now, cause that's a long time. This is slowly driving me crazy. And taking every piece of me. I just want a baby.. what am I doing wrong??. Am I being punished for something, am I ungrateful for the things I do have and the children I was blessed with. This is just so hard.

As my period approaches. Which should be here today. I will begin another hopeful cycle I guess.

Not to mention my Amazon is racked up to 250$ with herbs and vitamins for my husband and I.

I'm begging God for this miracle. If it never happens, I don't know if I'll ever be okay with it.

If others would like to vent with me you're more than welcome. I'm here to listen. Vent it out.