Birth story- postpartum hemorrhage

Michelle • 21 year old FTM due January 2016 ❤️
I have taken a while to post my birth story since I've had some complications after birth--but here it is! 
On February 2nd, I started having some cramping. They weren't consistent but definitely painful and not BH. On February 3rd, around 9pm they started to really pick up. I timed them and they were around 3-4 minutes apart. By 11pm they were 2 minutes apart. I called my midwife and she suggested I take tylenol, a hot shower and lie down to try and get some sleep. I finally fell asleep around midnight and woke up around 3am in excruciating pain. My contractions were 1-2 minutes apart and coming stronger and stronger. I couldn't walk or breathe through them. My midwife came over and I was 4cms dilated and 100 % effaced (yay). We waited until 6am to head to the hospital since I wanted to wait until I was more dilated to avoid the epidural. 
I arrived at the hospital at 630am and was in a room by 7am. But 9am I was 9cms! I couldn't believe it. My contractions were extremely intense and I was having trouble, but I didn't give in and never got the epidural! I let my body take over and moved around a lot.. I think it helped speed things along. At 11am they broke my water and I started pushing at 1140am! He was out by 1156. 
Colton Robert Fleury was born at 41+1 weighing 8lbs 13oz. They had predicted 6-7lb baby (boy they were wrong). 
Around 4pm we were about to go home when I began to hemorrhage. I was passing clots the size of grapefruits and could feel them coming out.. I was terrified and couldn't stop shaking. They gave me two shots of pitocin To get my uterus to contract, and Epcot (a stronger shot). Finally they catheterized me and gave me an IV of pitocin. Around 6pm my bleeding was finally under control but I'd never felt more exhausted in my life. I had lost over 750ml of blood 
I was kept overnight for observation and on the second day I passed more clots the size of grapefruits. My iron levels were below 80 so I got a blood transfusion. Finally after 5 days we were sent home. It took me until week 3 to start feeling better. Finally we are better and breastfeeding has become easier. 
I am so proud of my strength and courage and even prouder of my son!