Delivering early quandary

I have white coat hypertension. My perinatologist is labeling this as gestational hypertension, even though in one session, my bp will go from high to close to normal (today at her office: 149/100, 30 minutes later it was 122/74). There's no excess protein in my urine or preeclampsia. On top of this, the baby is measuring ahead at 6lbs 1oz and is perfectly healthy. I'm 35 weeks. She said that these things combined, she would like me to deliver between 37 and 39 weeks. She said 37 would be best for my health, but 39 would be best for baby.
I'd like to work as long as possible, so 39-40 is pretty ideal for me. Health wise, I feel fine. I get moderate swelling and sciatica, but I can manage both of those with massage, rest, and stretching. 
She's basically leaving it up to me to discuss with my regular OB, who's pretty much of the mindset that whatever happens happens. 
Given these variables, what would you do? I think she's being overly cautious by recommending 37 weeks and I also want to avoid induction and unnecessary intervention.  Obviously I want to do whatever is best for my baby and a safe delivery. Anyone else basically having this decision being left up to them?