Not happy/excited about pregnancy!?

So I'm 15 weeks. Iv been the type of girl who literally wanted a baby from 15. I have wanted a baby more than life itself for as long as I can remember. Literally been the only thing on my mind. At 16, I was almost considering just finding a random guy to hook up with so I could get pregnant! I am a sensible person so I did not do that lol anyways I met my bf (now husband) at 16 and hope even though we used condoms one day I would just become pregnant. After we married at 19 I admired to him my need to have a child and he wasn't ready and we continued using protection with me hoping and praying one day it wouldn't work. Anyways fast forward to now, we are 22 and well we started ttc in September, I fell pregnant instantly, I was over joyed but misscarried, and was distraught. A month went by and then I fell pregnant again and I just haven't felt the elation and happiness I thought I would, I am very miserable, iv been so tired and exhausted and iv literally looked forward to the experience of being pregnant this entire time and now I just can't wait for it to be over. I can't tell if it's becuase of the pregnancy symptoms and hormones or if I feel stressed and worried every single day that I will misscary or have to deliver early. In the beginning I thought that's what it was, I wasn't enjoying the pregnancy becuase I was worried every day about miss carrying but I'm passed the first trimester and still feeling the same! Idk what to do!!😭😭