Hormones are going to destroy my relationship. :/

kasey • Oregon living. 🌹🌻🌹

Hey ladies

I've been going downhill lately. I have posted before how I have major insecurity issues and low self respect that came from an abusive relationship. I was 17, and was mentally, physically and sexually abused by my bf(at the time). He's in the army and it just got so much more worse after he came back from training.

Anyway, my boyfriend now treats me very good but I'm always causing fights because I feel so insecure..truth is, I'm not happy with myself. He deserves a woman that respects herself and is confident with her life. I know deep down I am a responsible, beautiful woman who has goals in life. (Right now I work with special needs children at a middle school). I have been told by counclers that I have mild ptsd. I dont have friends here in oregon. I have one best friend and she lives a state away.

I've been venting to my dad (a state away) and he says my hormones are imbalanced and I need to get in touch with reality. My bf has said the same thing too! I feel like i need a support group (that I can walk/excersize with..people my age) I am a Christian but don't go to church very much. I Guess I dont really know where I'm Going with this. It feels good to vent tho. Any suggestions on how to overcome insecurity and low self respect after going through an abusive relationship?