Ugh discouraged!

Listen. I know I'm about to sound whiny and I need to suck it up but I don't have anyone to complain to as I have not told anyone my husband and I are ttc. We've been trying for a couple months and I've had no luck. I'm quickly getting discouraged as all the ladies in my family have gotten pregnant pretty easily. I thought this month was the month! Headaches, tired all the time, heightened sense of smell. AF is due 3/4 and I know I'm not out till it comes. But I've taken two tests and I'm fairly positive they are BFN and I have line eyes! Ugh! I know many people have been trying for years with no luck and i dont know how y'all have done it. These couple months have been dreadful! So go y'all! Just needed a rant and a little encouragement I guess. Baby dust to all and thanks for sticking to the end if you did!