Need your opinions

I live 2 hours from Miami and when we can we go to visit my parents and my husbands parents now we always stay at my mother in laws house and she kinda drinks everyday about 6 to 10 beers so the only Saturday to Sunday morning that we go to visit it seems to be so hard for her to be sober so she ca enjoy her granddaughter ( 2 year old ) then I am been having problems with my husband because everytime we go she wants to give my kid a shower in that condition but she is clumsy and I am afraid for her to give her a shower she could react to something that maybe isnt going to be happening then what if my kid falls and hit her head idk I really think it's very dangerous so I told my husband I didn't like that and that I didn't want her to shower her if she's drunk am I overreacting or what? also everytime I go I don't like the fact that she doesn't respect about changin her diaper or clothes in the room she does it in front of her husband always and her husband always looking at it idk what is it that he likes to watch it makes me feel so uncomfortable I can't trust him he's my husbands step dad and there's something I can't connect with him for some reason she gets mad everytime I tell her please take her to the room when she wants to change her or her diaper seems like she wants to do whatever she wants with my kid but she isn't right! She has to respect right? Doesn't matter if she's the grandma she still have to respect the way I raise my kid what do you guys think? Should I be careful and go with my instint?