Question about Cervical Mucus and PCOS

Sorry if my question is disgusting to some of you :(... I'm 35 years old I've suffered of PCOS I'll say 20 years, for years i had no periods lost some weight became more "regular" in real world still was very irregular but at least now i had a period, started exercising lost more weight then i got my periods every month...since the first period back when I was 14 till now I've never had Cervical Mucus or if i had it was minimum... A friend of mine sent me some herbs to make into a tea and drink during on period she had ovarian cysts and she got rid of them with that tea,so oh well ill try anything i took it on my last period and I felt HOT while i took it and i had hot flashes for the next couple of days and was very irritable that was 2 weeks ago and yesterday when i got home at night i peed and when i wiped i felt it was too slippery so I checked and there was this egg white textured mucus no weird or bad smell and this morning when i showered and dried myself i got it on the towel about the same amount and texture as last night... i don't know whether to worry and go to my doc or take it as something that is normal for woman but is just something I've never seen before because of my syndrome??? Please HELP