Engaged/married young

So I just have to vent cause I feel like you ladies will understand better than people on Facebook lol. I'm 18 (I'll be 19 next month) and my fiancé is 18. We got engaged July 28th of last year! We are getting married February 3rd 2018. We will both be 20! So many people talk so much cramp about how we are throwing our lives away and they would never marry someone at 20. We were gonna wait until I was 21 and have our wedding on our 5 year anniversary but decided not to because we don't want him to be getting shit for drinking at our wedding but not me...I guess I really just need some support! All of my family is ecstatic for us to be married and his family is iffy..one minute their fine and then they turn around and want to "make sure it's what we want to do"