Still haven't told family!!

Chelsea💜 • Baby number One & Super excited!! September 23rd!!!
Well me And my SO aren't family is one of those that strongly believe in sex AFTER marriage. I'm 12 weeks..thankfully still not showing. I'm just so hesitant to my SO told me " so your just gonna go into labor one day and be like HEY GUYS IM PREGNANT!!" He's got a good point. Butt I just don't know how to come across it, I work in our children's ministry also and is very close to all the youth pastors and I feel like I've let everyone down. I mean I'm grown I'm's just stressful because I know things are going to be said behind my back and there's always going to be those rude side remarks, that "they won't mean it that way" but whatever... And on top of this he got laid off in January and his next job doesn't start till the end of April!!! Ugh. Just wanting to vent a little sorry guys..