Kind of mad/upset.

Ok i know this is going to sound selfish and mean but here it goes.

First let me explain i am 18years old and 22 weeks pregnant.

I lived with my mom abut currently moved out at 17 and in with my boyfriend.

My cousin a month later moved out of my moms house (yes she lived with us) and in with her boyfriend.

I announced i was pregnant a long while adfter that bc i was so happy!! Mom was beyond excited, everyone really.

My cousin then says how she would never have a child at a young age how i screwed my life up, how she doesnt want that for her self and thats why she wont even risk it blah blah and thats fine everyone has there own opinion . i ignored it.

Then a few weeks after this she tells me shes pregnant...

Is it wrong for me to be mad at this?

Is it wrong for me to feel hatred because everything i do she seems to copy?

Yes i know it is ridiculous and im pettty for this but ughhhhh i coukd kill someone. Just once id like to do something without her copying me.

She was just mad that i had all the attention.

Wow i really sound like a five year old pitching a fit. Go on bash me i deserve it lol