Thoughts? Day 44. first cycle of clomid.

Hi! If anyone has any input in this it would be much appreciated. 
Been ttc for two years now. We were a little slow to start meds or anything because we thought that my body was just having a hard time normalizing after birth control for so long. Was diagnosed officially with pcos last year. Obgyn started me on metformin about 5 months ago, but cycles didn't seem to get more regular. The shortest cycle I've had is 36 days. 
Last month I finally tried clomid for the first time. Now I'm on cycle day 44. Negative hpt and no signs of a period coming up. Took opks since day 10 and never got very conclusive results pointing to ovulation.
It seems like if anything the clomid would get things going so I'd at least have a period (if not get pregnant of course). Any thoughts? Would this be a situation where a higher dose might help? I'm a little confused on what I should do next.