Who did you tell first?

My husband was first, and after that it was the doc earlier this week. I want to wait to tell my family and others until I'm closer to 12 weeks. But it's difficult when I'm feeling nauseas daily at work not to confide in at least one person there. People I work with are merely acquaintances. I don't especially like the environment and the culture where I work, and everyone mostly keeps to themselves and doesn't talk about personal lives. Unfortunately I spend more waking time with those people than I do with my husband. I see them every day, meanwhile my family lives states away 😢. Seems wrong to tell an acquaintance before any family. I'm waiting to tell my family in person when they visit at the end of the month. I wish I had a close friend around here. ((I'm 8+ weeks and have morning sickness, no vomitting, and am basically able to do my 40+ hr/wk job the same as before, so nothing is especially obvious at work.)) Who did you tell first?