Boyfriends and pregnancy!

So I'm not really trying to prevent pregnancy and I'm currently in between birth controls at the moment (switching from one pill to another) which my boyfriend doesn't to is yet since I'm still finishing my current pack. And the other day he told me that he was going to get me pregnant this year. Now me not knowing if he was joking around I casually asked this year of our relationship or this year as in 2016 and all he said was ill think about it. So me being me I haven't asked any more about it and we're supposed to be going on this big week long trip to Florida for our birthdays and anniversary (all within 3 weeks) and we will have a room to ourselves so now I'm silently freaking out that he might be planning, if at all, to get me pregnant then! Especially since most recently we started to plan out names of our future children and he's already shared those names with his friends just has me even more worried/excited. No question just had to tell someone since my friends are all still virgins, that I know of, and can't really talk about these things with them.