Teens Getting Pregnant Rant

Pang 🦋 • Ch 21 || XAVT 💚
So I've come across so many post about "grown" women bashing on teenagers for getting pregnant. I get you don't agree with it but can't you just shut the hell up and keep it to yourself? Want to say something, go tell your SO or friends. This app was made to have "pregnant" ladies come here and post what they wanted about their pregnancy. If glow didn't want younger girls on here, why on earth would they have an age posting starting at 13? (The age restriction) but truth be told, we can't hide that teens are getting pregnant because they are! And there is nothing wrong with them being on this app, asking questions about the baby or pregnancy in general. But the fact that some older women have the decency to talk down on these teen mothers is just sad! What has the world come to?! You women who bash on these teens are so sad; you guys just aren't ever satisfied! You say that teens should go live their life, but when they go out and have some fun, you bash on them. When they get pregnant, you bash on them. When they stay home and are good innocent kids, you bash on them for not going out more. What the heck do you ladies want? How the hell are we ever going to truly accept ourselves and have a man accept us if our own sex won't accept the person we are? We ladies should all stand TOGETHER regardless the age difference. So next time, really do think before you say something stupid and degrading.