I really need someone to talk to-please hell

I talk to two of my friends but I honestly think they are tired of hearing me. They didn't say that but I can tell.
We conceived almost 5 years ago but we weren't ready so I had the abortion pill. We have now been trying for 16 months and no luck. I have been tested for a couple of things (fsh, tsh with reflex, progesterone, prolactin and a couple other things) all normal. My fiancé needs to be checked but he doesn't seem to fond of the idea. He supported me with the abortion but I don't think he really wanted to do it. My biggest fear is if for some reason we cant conceive and that was our only chance that he will leave me. He's not that type of person but that's how my mind works. I'm really at my breaking point and I feel like it will never happen and that was my only chance. And yes I'm very stressed and think about it 24/7