High Blood Pressure due to White Coat!

Hi all.
I'm extremely frustrated.
I take home readings (twice a day) which are always below the 140/90 threshold.
The second I get tested from a midwife at her office it spikes high and even HIGHER when I'm at the hospital.
For instance I've had readings of 155/130 at the hospital. However when left im tested again and it shoots back down to a normal range.
I'm extremely anxious that this is going to mess with my labour :( 
I take my home readings to the hospital and midwife but not sure if they believe me! I've sensed panic from midwifes before due to my blood pressure AFTER I've told them it's my nerves. Them acting this way makes me worse giving me more bad readings :( 
My midwife tries to get me to go to the hospital a yesterday as my bp was 140/95... I declined, went home and tested it myself (was fine).
I declined due to last week, I was sent to the hospital in a panic to test for pre-e, all bloods, urine and eventually blood pressure was FINE.
It's my first baby so I'm trusting these people but for my second I'm definitely having less appointments and a home birth.
The stress of going to the hospital just isn't worth it for me.
By the way im 40 weeks pregnant now xx