TMI. Sex, husbands, body.

I'm feeling so unattractive lately. I feel beautifully pregnant almost all the time, until me and hubby start to get intimate. 
I want HOT sex, like it used to be. "Grab my hair, slap my ass, show me you want me" sex. 
But for the past 3-4weeks it's basically a job for him(or at least that's how it's making me feel) he doesn't want to touch my body, he never initiates sex anymore, and I've even caught him on his phone while I'm trying to get him off(and I wonder why it was taking so long) 
Makes me feel fat and ugly. Not beautiful and pregnant. 
He's always saying I'm beautiful, and rubbing my belly. And I know he means it, I just don't feel sexually attractive anymore I guess😔 it makes me not want to have sex as much, but  if I wasn't pregnant we would have sex at least once every day of not more...
Sorry for the rant. I just needed to vent to ladies who might feel the same.