My mother is driving me crazy!!!

Let me start by saying i love my mother to death. She is a good person and she means well but she is driving me insane. 
She wants to come over everyday to see the baby which i dont care but than she criticises everything. 
She told me i dont kiss the baby enough... Really. First of all ill kiss my baby as much or as little as i want to and she doesnt live here she doesnt even know what i do with the baby. Im here all day with her. 
Than she complained that i dont rock her on the rocking chair. I dont like the rocker. Its uncomfortable and it hurts my back. So she brought it out into the living room. I dont have room for stuff in my living room. We just have a small rancher and with the couch and the playpen and the dog cage theres really not much more room.
And she just keeps giving me crap about dumb stuff. 
Oh and her and my husband keep making comments about my breast milk. Like ew is this breastmilk inthe bottle? Like yes it is. Whats the bfd? Why are people ok giving another animals milk to there child but there grossed out by breast milk that is made for the baby.