Problem with Persephone

My second daughter, Persephone (we're calling her Poppy) was born on Monday at 8 am, 6lbs 12 oz, 20 inches long, and absolutely beautiful. I had a c-section and have been trying to breastfeed, but she constantly falls asleep on my breasts. I'm now pumping and she's eating a lot more, as well as we've been using donor breast milk, and she takes the bottles much better. Today I was told she spit up green this morning and they did two stomach xrays. The first just showed gas bubbles, but the second showed that her stomach and lower intestine are enlarged. We were supposed to be discharged today; now only I'm getting discharged and they're putting me on border status so I can stay here and take care of her/feed her. I'm at the hospital by myself due to her father being at work and having the only friend I have here watching my 2 year old. I'm really worried and hormonal, so I'm crying a lot. I could really use some support abd encouraging words right now to help me get through this. Thanks in advance.