Wanting A Baby For The Wrong Reasons

I just had a baby about three months ago. The excitement of my life is completely drained. Not to mention that ever since giving birth, I feel so unloved. My family used to bug the crap out of me everyday and people would ask how I was doing. And now I can't even get them to have dinner or a phone convo with me. Not to mention my body feels used up and disgusting. I miss the excitement of meeting a new little person and I love the whole home birth process. That magical moment when you finally get to hold your baby. I miss those little kicks and midwife appointments. I miss bonding with my SO during labor. I miss the whole deal quite a bit. I really want to try for a boy. (All girls so far.) And now like three of my friends are expecting babies. I'm really bummed wishing we could try for another baby, but I don't feel like those are good enough reasons and honestly my SO is totally not ready for another one- so I got the IUD.

Any advice on getting over it? Can't get a puppy. 😂😔