Not Sure What's Going On

Sammy💗 • Married to my best friend! 2 boys here with us and a little girl in heaven. Baby Boy # 3 Arriving in April 💙💙
I had my appointment yesterday and everything looks great. Last night my contractions started getting a little more intense but not so bad where I think I'm in labor! It was off and on all night long with horrible back pain. Today when I'm laying down I don't get them as much but once I stand up and start moving around they're intense again! I'm only 33 weeks and baby is measuring very big and feels like he's dropped already even people said it looks like I have. My husband told me it would be a waste of time to go to the doctor for another ultrasound when I just had one yesterday and everything's perfect. My whole body is just so sore and I'm starting to swell! Baby's movements are good, I guess I'll wait and see how things go before I rush to the doctor to be told it's normal!