Appropriate Age

Me and my "boyfriend" want to wait about two years to have sex; because of our young age. And of course I'm all for it! I want to be sure before I make mistakes/ regrets. However I'm having a hard time. I feel as though it's not okay for me to be as "horny" or "sexual" as I am simply because I'm a female. And shaming definitely plays a big role. I believe I should be all about my pleasure and do what makes me happy; as long as I am comfortable with. 
If you could, what age(s) do you guys think are appropriate for different sexual activities?
Eg. Oral, Anal, Handjobs, etc. 
p.s. I want to add that I am reasonable enough, and quite independent to where I would not do anything with a male because they "love me" or for them in general. I am about me; however not selfish. 
Thank you ladies !