Found out today!!!!!

So I had a baby that passed away at a day old  on May 2 2015 - May 3 2015 he had CDH which means his diaphragm wasn't  close all the way and his stomach and intestines were up by his heart and pushed it over a little bit and when he was born he had to have surgery to close the diaphragm and move everything down so when he was born j guess he was stable enough to do the surgery right away so they did and he was good but later on that next morning around 4:00 am his oxygen levels were bad and he wasn't doing good his heart get dropping twice it did and the second time he didn't make it :( I was a wreak and depressed for months but in November I didn't have my period I got pregnant again I was happy and really nervous tho bc I didn't know if this baby was okay or not well today was our 19 week ultrasound just like the day we found out about my other son Xzavier condition :( and guess what my other kid is okay and doesn't have CDH me and my fiancé are so happy and excited it was such a relief to have a healthy baby finally and be able to take him home in August <3 guess what my son is a big brother in heaven to his little brother that's right I found out that I'm having another boy today <3 today is such a good day I love it !!!!!!