I have my beautiful Graco travel system but no baby. I lost my first on 12/12/2015 at 5w4d. A month later, on 01/15/2016, I found out I was pregnant again. Strong lines, levels were rising.. ....I thought this would be it, my Rainbow. Nope. On 03/04/2016 at 6w6d, I lost my Rainbow. Devastated still. No longer with my Bf because he didn't want to help with the baby things, fussed about dr appts, etc. well I'm devastated and he's most likely partying it up. 10 months of my life wasted. I loved him I guess he faked loving me. But, better days ahead!! I hope to find a decent, supportive man, and maybe we can try for a Rainbow in time. Not rushing but hopefully within 6 years because my car seat expires on 12-31-2022. I know I could always buy another, but I love this set. Sorry if this post is ridiculous, but I wanted to share. Please pray, ladies. Any advice???