Pulling my hair out

Sedaya • My name is Sedaya and I'm 23. My husband and I have been together since 2009 and got married April 2015. We have a four year old daughter and had our second daughter 4-16-16 :)
I've asked my husband everyday for 2 weeks now to put the damn carseat in! Here it is Saturday and he is upstairs watching TV in our bedroom like he does every damn day when he has free time. I'm downstairs doing homework, gathering documents for our bankruptcy we are filing, buying a birthday present for my daughters friend, buying plastic eggs for tomorrow and I'd love to finish painting my daughters bedframe that has been sitting in the garage for over a month! My husband was suppose to finish painting it. We get up at 9am and he says oh its too late to paint the frame. Wtf!!! I guess watching TV is so important because he does it every freaking day! Men just don't seem to get things done! I'm so pissed! I've spent hours getting documents copied for our bankruptcy. My social security card was stolen and my grandma lost my birth certificate so I was downtown yesterday getting both my birth certificate and social. I'm nonstop! I'm earning my masters degree and less than 2 weeks away from having our second child. Can I get a little help please! He barely interacts with our first daughter! Drives me nuts! I don't have time to be lazy. Oh and I have laundry to do today. Just needed to vent.