I been smiling allday.. B**** don't kill my vibe

Kellie • Mother of three and currently ttc #4 due to health issues my chances are starting to shorten every day! Staying positive and wishing everyone lots of baby dust
This is a update.. Im beyond happy.. Went in for more blood work to check my hcg levels i went in two days ago with severe cramps and my hcg levels were 60 at 4wks. They couldn't see anything because it was sooo early. They also seen a cyst and thought maybe that could be the reason i was having severe pain. They said they wouldnt say i had or having a miscarriage they wanted to check my levels in two days and go from there. So these pass two days has been dragging but it came.. And my levels has doubled!! From 60 to 220!! Meaning this one may stick. It's progressing pretty good. Im still going to take it easy. So all day I'm in good spirits and for some reason my SO is irritating the hell outta me! Like it's been going on all month before i found out i was pregnant! Im moody an i don't always want him up in my face.. I was never a up in your face type person.. And hes not understanding.. Hes not trying to understand that i am going through these mood swings just gimme my space a little. I dont know.. I dont want to hurt his feelings but I'm needing my space a little... But besides that I am happy everything is progressing!!