PTSD, Anxiety attacks and Depression...


I'm really struggling.

I'm consumed with uncontrollable worry, I am not consciously aware of what I'm thinking or what triggers my intense feelings.

The PTSD stems from an incident last September.

I've always been a very strong, independent and controlled individual.

Now I feel I'm barely the shell of the person I used to be.

I'm ashamed and embarrassed.

I haven't been at work for 3 weeks because of it and I used to be that judgemental person who never understood mental illness. I can't work because of the job I do is dependant on split second decisions, firm judgement and is very high stress. All I want to do is work to keep me pre-occupied, but work is also the cause if my anxieties.

I'm so uneasy.

My diagnosis is fairly recent and I'm struggling with it.

I just want someone who's dealt with these issues to let me know there's a light at the end of the tunnel? I want things to return to normal. I need some hope of normality. I just need some reassurance.