Few questions

Fatimah • First time mum👼baby birthday 15th March 2016💖
Hi I'm a first mum.
Ladies if you can try to answer my questions would be great and very appreciated.
 my baby is 1week and 6days old 
Born 15/03/15
1) how much milk should I expect her to take
I'm breast feeding however im still not good at it and I'm worried my baby is not feed enough
So I'm bumping milk for her 
2oz every 2 and half hour 
But if she cries and I feed her sooner
And sometimes duing the night I would feed her every 3hours.
Is this Okey? Or should I change something?
2) her breast is enlarged. I was told this is normal but how big is normal 
(I'll leave a picture below)
3) will expressing (bumping) milk reduce my milk supply?  Or cause me and baby any problems.
4) I have stitches they seem to be healing but very slow. I was told tea 3oil is good for healing. Is this true with your experience? And does it hurt? I will not use anything that hurts even a little, ive been through so much pain already. I'm always using warm to hot water for the area after each time I use the toilet.
Thank you