I swear there are some stupid childish people on this app!!! People post questions to get advice and answers and even though we may not all give the same answers, there is no need to start a fucking argument about it. Like please grow up, be am adult. You are not always right, even though you think you are, but newsflash, you can be wrong and other people can have different opinions than you!!!!

On another note, people are posting things about how they think they are pregnant and if they can get pregnant doing this and that and it just needs to stop!!!!! If you don't know how sex works, then either use condoms or some other form of bc or DON'T HAVE SEX!!!!!! Its not that hard!!!! I mean, ask you're parents to talk to you about sex or use the internet, its what its there for!!!!! And if you are on this app asking strangers if they think you are ready to, just don't cause obviously you are not ready. If you think you can get pregnant from fingering, no you can not. The only way to get pregnant is from unprotected sex. Pre cum can also get you pregnant! It has sperm in it if the guy ejaculated and didn't go pee, then his sperm comes out in pre cum. And the plan b pill is NOT an all the time bc. It is ONLY for when the guy cums in you by accident or if the condom breaks. Taking it all the time can do more harm than good!!! Also, if you suck a dick and you swallow his cum, you can not get pregnant that way!!!!!!