My baby, watch over me

A month ago today we found out about you,

We were so thrilled & couldn't believe it was true.

For almost a year we had tried & we prayed,

That God would see fit to make us parents one day.

But not long after we found out our lives would change,

Our lives changed again but in a much sadder way.

Doctors, blood tests and hospital visits ensued,

And we were terrified that we would lose you.

That night in the hospital was one of the toughest of our lives,

When the doctor told us there is no way you'd survive.

I needed surgery to make sure I was ok,

But that also meant that they would take you away.

I didn't know you long, my sweet little poppyseed,

But my love for you was real indeed.

Take care of Memom and Papa up there in heaven,

And just know that until we meet again,

You will always have a piece of my heart,

and that you were loved right from the start.