Should I breastfeed?

I am pregnant with our second child. My daughter is 5 and about a year ago my niece(11)was living with us and some things had come up and my daughter, just turned 4 had told me that her cousin (my niece) was pulling down her pants and undies at night and was touching her private and putting things on her private. We kicked my niece out and had my daughter examined and put through counseling. We have absolutely no contact with my niece anymore. Now with all that happening to our daughter I'm so scared to nurse with her around because i don't want her to get mixed thoughts. She is being taught in counseling about good touches bad touches and stuff like that. I know it's natural and I'm just feeding my baby but I worry about my 5 year old and how she will react to it. Any advice? Please don't be mean, this is a very sensitive subject for us.