I don't want anyone to sit here and have people bad mouth me because of how I'm feeling. I'm posting this because I need to say it and I'm also curious if im the only person with this kind of luck. So to start off I had an induction set for 2 days before my due date, why? Because my mom and dad (who are my support system and are crucially needed) had to drive hundreds of miles just to be here, my in-laws both were able to take the day off to be here for their first grandbabies birth, and lastly I am absolutely terrified to give birth to an April fools baby (we have one in the family already and he is a complete nincompoop). So since I had an induction I had to call an hour before to make sure the hospital was prepared and what not and after I woke up from the glorious 3 hours that I did get I had two missed calls from the hospital and two voicemails that I couldn't hear because my phones stupid. So I called them and they told me that they had to cancel my induction due to too many women in the delivery unit. Ok I get that people don't know when they're gonna go into labor or how long it lasts that's NOT why I'm so upset I am upset because I feel like this would literally only happen to me. That my luck is just that horrible. Also I have to go see my doctor today to do a check up and I'm terrified he's gonna make me wait till next week. Idk what my parents would do.... And I need them here (my mom mostly). Idk if it's because I'm completely exhausted or the pregnancy hormones but I just can't handle this today. I had everything planned out and it was gonna be so good and now I'm going in clueless... Sorry this was so long and please like I said before no negative comments. I don't feel like crying today.