Tamika • Twenty-One. Wisconsin. TTC my mixed princess/prince with my fiancé. Send baby dust if you have any!
Hello, I am very young (21) but there is nothing more that my fiancé and I would like to have than a child. For the past few years we have had unprotected sex with no method of avoiding pregnancy, so by now I am VERY surprised to not be pregnant by now. I've have months where I've missed periods, and it would be right on track the next month. I've had 1 month where I needed emergency care because of unbearable abdominal pain. My OB thought I might be pregnant the first time back in December of '15 after my emergency care visit because I'd been very late on my period and never had those kinds of cramps before. Blood and urine test showed negative. Again it's happened now where my last period was the first week of February and I just got my period again 3/28!!! It might just be my mind playing tricks on me and making me think I'm pregnant or something because I know that happens. I just want to know why my period would be skipping a month or darn near when I have no stress related factors that could hold it off.