5am Friday morning I started having contractions but didn't know it

Ashley • 25🧸Mommy to 1. Pregnant with baby #2! 9 months TTC🍼
5am Friday morning I started having contractions but didn't know it! Went all through Saturday with them too. Sunday night around 10 I went to labor and delivery after timing them 5 minutes apart being 30 seconds each, well they admitted me! I was checked and was at 5cm, an hour passes and they check again and I was at 7cm. So I let another hour go by and was still at 7. So I decided to get an epidural not because of the pain, but because I didn't want to feel the pain of her coming out! Well, that lasted about 5 hours and it wore off minutes before I started practice pushing. I didn't know it wore off because I was still a bit numb. So I started pushing around 11:30am. I pushed for two hours and I was feeling the epidural run out. By this time I was in pain, I as screaming at my doctor to "get me the fucking epidural NOW!". They didn't because I was already crowning. I barley felt the ring of fire as I was too concentrated on pushing. I felt the pop of her head coming out and the doctor said to push one more time and out came her shoulders, by that time I was screaming from the pain! I screamed as I pushed her body out. Only tore at a first degree and I tore on the top part of my vagina but it wasn't enough to have a stitch. She was born with fluid and meconium in her lungs and is currently in NICU ICU. She was 9 pounds and 14 ounces and 21.5 inches long! Being my first baby and her being that big, i barley tore and now one day post partum, my belly is half the size it was and I'm hardly bleeding! Luck or what? Here she is :)