Okay so I've been with my boyfriend for two years. For about a year and a half he has refused to put anything about me on social media and has deleted anything he's had. This weekend we went to a wedding and I wanted to post pictures of us. I had gotten my makeup done and I was feeling myself! I didn't take any pictures by myself and honestly don't see anything wrong with wanting to show off my boyfriend. So he found out I posted it and this is what he said. We have each other blocked on Facebook so that's why I asked how he knew. Also a few month ago, we broke up. He was very disrespectful with me and I had had enough. To me, it was over. I hung out with someone during the break up. Two weeks later he was buying me flowers, asking for forgiveness so I did forgive him. But I also had to be honest with him. And now this is what he is using as an excuse. But I am, it's been two years wtf am I not worthy of being shown off on social media? So yeah I need some words of advice.